HellenSoft API integration?

An API integration is the connection between two or more applications, via their APIs, that lets those systems exchange data. API integrations power processes throughout many high-performing businesses that keep data in sync, enhance productivity, and drive revenue. “…You need to ...

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HellenSoft VPS Offers (Self-Managed)

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VPS is short for a Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting services you can choose for your website. It uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users. It’s a more ...

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SSL certificate


HellenSoft SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. These certificates communicate to the client that the web service host  This authentication process is much like sealing a letter ...

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HellenSoft Dedicated Hosting

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What Does Dedicated Hosting Mean? Dedicated hosting on HellenSoft is an Internet hosting option in which a physical server (or servers) is dedicated to a single business customer. The customer has complete control over the machine, so they can optimize it for their unique requirements, including performance and security. ...

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Welcome to HellenSoft Online Base

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Here is the Online Base of HellenSoft where we interact with our Customers easily and solving your Problem. This site is very active 24/7 and simple to Interact with, we welcome you to contact you for Hosting Issues, Web Designing ...

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HellenSoft Shared hosting


Shared hosting in HellenSoft is a type of web hosting where a single physical server hosts multiple sites. Many users utilize the resources on a single server, which keeps the costs low. Users each get a section of a server in ...

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